Simon Roberts Spine Race

Simon Roberts answers your questions

With the Scarpa Trail team gathered in the Lake District for our athlete meet we took the opportunity to get to know some of our athletes. While most of the team were out running in the Lakes – injured Simon Roberts took some time to answer your questions.

We asked you for questions for Simon and you provided some great ones – here are Simon’s responses on everything from kit, to training and his favourite places to run.

Simon Roberts is a Mountain Runner and part of the Scarpa UK team. Simon has had an accomplished career so far including wins at the Montane Dragons Back Race 2021 and a win at the Montane Spine Challenger North 2022.

Your questions for Simon Roberts

What Scarpa trail shoe do you recommend for Ultras?

For running ultras, I recommend the Scarpa Spin Infinity. Its supplied super cushioning with super support. Its everything you need to keep your feet happy when running long distance. It feels very lightweight and nimble, it’s a very fast shoe.

Must have kit?

I’m going to give the sensible answer and suggest spare warm layers and a bivvy, especially now winter is coming. Anything can happen out there!

Other must have kit is the shoes, must have shoes that fit right and are suitable for the terrain. You also need a good race pack to carry your emergency kit and your food and drink.

Do most people walk up steep inclines?

I would say most people walk steep inclines yes. When things get very steep there must come a point where you stop fighting and switch to a fast hike. It will save your legs.

How do I get into long distance mountain running?

Start small, maybe 5km fell race or a 10km fell race. Then look at a mountain half marathon then a marathon, just progress nicely but make sure you are enjoying it, that’s the main thing.

What events are you running next year?

So far, doing the full Winter Spine Race in January. I’m also eyeing up the Tor de Geants in September. Who know what else I will fit in? We shall see.

One bit of advice regarding foot care for a trainee Dragon?

For me the foot care starts weeks before the race. I give my feet a pretty extensive foot care, I file and use moisturiser to get them soft and in good condition. This will reduce the chances of getting blisters.

Favourite place to run?

Locally its the Brecon Beacons, but I have a super soft spot for the Scottish Highlands.

How many miles a week were you doing at the most in the lead up to the dragon’s back?

Peak weeks were 100 miles. Not really planned but happened when I planned a few runs with friends, and friends can be bad influences 😂

Shoe of choice for the Dragon’s back?

This year I wore the Scarpa Ribelle Run but I like to use a grippy shoe for the technical days and a more supportive ultra-shoe for the more runnable days.

How is the injury?

Still there and doing my head in! its healing very slowly, I will get there though.

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