A look back at 2021

A look back at 2021

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The new year is here and we are hoping for an epic 2022! Last year might not have gone exactly to plan, but we had some good times. Here is a look back at 2021 and some of our highlights.

Spotlight on…

This year we introduced a new series of blogs featuring some of our Scarpa Team. In our Spotlight on… blogs we take a deep dive and get to know some of your favourite athletes. Ever wondered how Robbie Phillips gets is psych, or what Emma Twyford loves about Welsh rock? Well these blogs are for you.

Keep a look out for more spotlights on our athletes in 2022!

A look back at 2021

Green Manifesto Stories

Our Green Manifesto is our pledge to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Last year, to celebrate the launch of our manifesto we brought you some stories which brought our pledge to life.

A look back at 2021


As well as bringing you exciting stories and interviews, our blog also has some great advice. From how to look after your Scarpas to resoling and training tips – we have some great advice for you!


We make footwear, so of course we talk about our exciting new arrivals. This year has seen some great introductions to the collection!

What a year! We’ve loved bringing you all the latest news and adventures in our blog, keep your eyes peeled as we have some exciting things planed for 2022!

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