Hamish Potokar

It’s impossible to say when I started climbing; there certainly wasn’t a definitive point. First, it was scrambling up broken walls, and then following my dad to the crag, but it was at about the age of 12 that my enthusiasm really rocketed. Though through my early schooling I consider myself deep down outdoor climber, I tend to spend most of my time bouldering indoors, both as a means to get strong and as an end in itself.

I love the social side of climbing, and how it integrates itself into a whole lifestyle, l rather than being limited to just a ‘sport’. The sense of purpose is something I also feel I really benefit from, as I love the process of working towards goals, and the direction it gives you. Making the GB junior bouldering team was probably quite a significant moment for me, as it opened the door to a whole other aspect of climbing, in which I train to compete at an international level. Competition climbing is now a big part of my life and is something I have come to really enjoy.

For me, one of my biggest achievement would be making my first podium at a European youth cup, coming 3rd in L’agentierre la Besse, France, as this is genuinely something I never thought I’d be able to do. A year later I came second in the European Championships at the same place, again something I'm really proud of. Alongside this, I’ve bouldered various 8B’s around the UK and France, and sport climbed 8b, and am looking forward to pushing on for some harder ascents in the future. My main wish is that I can continue to climb injury free long into the future, is it feels like something so ingrained into my life. I don’t think I could swap climbing for anything.


Bristol, UK


Mainly bouldering, though like to vary things and mix it up with sport climbing, DWS etc. I’d say I’m a general lover of the outdoors, so anything which gets me roaming about in cool places; cycling, wild swimming, walking.


Coming 2nd second in the European youth cup was a big one for me and a great way to finish my competition career as a junior. Climbing lines like Voyager, The Ace, Chahala sit were also all very memorable experiences.

-Favourite Scarpa-

Really enjoy climbing in the Chimeras. They feel really versatile and I’ve used them for all kinds of things. Also, i think the lace system works really well for me and they always feel super snug on my feet.

-No Place too Far-

Well I guess I can only speak for the places I’ve been before, and I don’t think I can think of many places that have more to offer than Rocklands. From the pure climbing nerd perspective, the rock quality is really great, and there’s lots off it. But beyond that the location is really stunning, when you’re high up in the hills it feels like you’re on another planet.




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